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What is Kairos?

Kairos Therapeutic Retreat, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, forges resilient communities through whole-person healing practices that rekindle inner strength and empower cancer survivors to thrive after the trauma of cancer treatment.

Research | Kairos stands out with a distinctive commitment to publishing outcomes & research that drive positive change in the field of survivorship. We emphasize the crucial need to educate survivor communities, recognizing that knowledge is a powerful catalyst for health care transformation.

Aspiration | Our vision is to revolutionize national cancer survivorship by publishing our research findings and integrating equitable, high-value, whole-person care into every cancer treatment plan.

Retreats | Kairos Resilience Retreats provide participants with a transformative experience. Our whole-person approach, combined with integrative therapies, introspection, and community building create a safe space for reflection and personal growth.

Community | Bonds forged during the events have endured, creating a deeply meaningful community among participants and serving as a testament to the lasting impact the Kairos community has on the lives of survivors.

Why our work is important

At Kairos Therapeutic Retreat, our core belief drives us to humanize care by providing whole-person, community-centered care beyond traditional oncology care that focuses mostly on the disease.

In the US, the absence of an integrative, science-based standard compelled us to take action, bridging gaps in the healing process, and empowering survivors to move beyond mere surviving to thriving.

Our human-centered based healing model and approach delivers results that matter most to survivors.

Kairos Resilience Retreats

Inspiration. Community. Transformation.

Kairos organizes and conducts powerful 3 day Resilience Retreats, providing survivors with a transformative experience.

The structured whole-person model, combined with integrative modalities, introspection, community building, play and celebration, has proven to be effective in creating a safe and trust-filled space for reflection and personal growth.

Participants have reported profound shifts in their lives:

More Kairos Offerings

Connect in the way that serves you.

Single Day Retreats

Discover our single-day retreats, crafted to provide emotional support, foster community, and offer healing opportunities—all without the need for an overnight stay. Held monthly, these retreats allow you to continuously nurture your wellbeing within a supportive community setting.

Healing Community

Convenient, empowering platforms for global support and community, complementing in person events and fostering holistic well-being.

Virtual Gatherings

In-person cancer retreats provide emotional support, community, and healing opportunities, and enhancing overall well-being for patients and families.

Six Pillars of Kairos

Kairos encourages Harmony in Healing through the it’s six pillars: S-Y-N-C-E-D

Daily Practice Find space and time to create habits or rituals that nourish your wellbeing.

Exercise | Energy | Environment Regular exercise not only boosts energy levels but also plays a crucial role in reducing the risk of cancer recurrence, promoting overall well-being and longevity.

Community | Connection

Stress Management

Your Self Love


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Our mission is to create communities of support for cancer survivors through whole-person Kairos Care.

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